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3 Facebook Changes In 2019

Apr 23, 2019

The last 6 months have been a tumultuous time for Zuckerberg and co at Facebook. They’ve been testing different Facebook changes and features, and removed some key metrics that marketers will be used to analysing every day. Here we outline the top 3 changes Facebook has made and how it affects us as advertisers.

The single relevancy score has been divided into 3!

Facebook’s relevance score has been a huge metric for all marketers for a long time. That single number could tell you all you needed to know about your campaign and targeting, and it could have a direct impact on your CPCs and overall ROI.

Facebook has switched this out for 3 new “granular ad relevance diagnostics metrics.”

Quality ranking

This gives you the perceived quality of your ad compared with other advertisers trying to reach a similar audience. This is difficult for a marketer to control as it is measured against so many external factors.

Engagement rate ranking

This one is self-explanatory, this metric will give you the expected engagement rate Facebook thinks your ad can achieve vs other ads targeting the same audience.

Conversion rate ranking

This is where it gets exciting! Facebook will now measure the likelihood of your ad converting vs other ads targeting the same goal and audience!

Facebook’s own algorithms will still play a big role in calculating these metrics. This is why we’ve used the term “expected” so often, these metrics will still change as your campaign matures.

Facebook Admins can now respond to Instagram DMs through the FB Inbox

Last year, Facebook gave admins the ability to view and answer comments on their Instagram posts through their Page inboxes. Now, Facebook is taking this one step further, allowing admins to respond to Instagram’s DMs through their page.

This didn’t come as a surprise to many as it aligns with Facebook’s plan to integrate Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct in order to let users (and businesses) to reach each other across all of these platforms.

Increased accountability for Facebook Pages

Facebook has implemented several new steps in its mission to address prohibited content and fake news on their network. The biggest visible change is the introduction of the new “Quality” tab.

This new tab is visible to anyone with admin access to a page. Page managers can use this tab to see when Facebook removes content that goes against the Community Standards. They can also receive feedback on posts that have been flagged as “False” or “Misleading” by Facebook users.

Due to these changes, Facebook is becoming a bit of a minefield for businesses, if you need assistance with any Facebook issues or would like to find out more about our Smart Mobile Marketing® approach, get in touch today!

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