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4 Key Customer Acquisition Strategies for 2019

Feb 5, 2019

January is certainly a unique time of the year. From looking back on the Festive Period and the precious time spent with those who mean the most to us, to convincing yourself that the gym membership you’ve just bought will definitely get used, it’s a period of reflection and a fresh start all rolled into one.

It is the perfect time to capitalise on that impetus that seems to come from the beginning of a New Year. Utilising this time of the year to formulate a plan can often be the difference between your business (and customer acquisition) stagnating or growing.

Certainly, there has to be room for adopting new techniques and tools but for the most part, planning what you want to achieve for the year should have a structure.

In this article, we look at what we believe are the four most prominent customer acquisition strategies for 2019 that leverage the power of digital marketing to achieve success. Although hanging your hat on one of these strategies may not necessarily give you the best returns, it is our opinion a holistic strategy which incorporates a few of these techniques will see optimal results.

It’s important to stress that we are not ranking these strategies (to avoid being biased). So, let’s gets going…


Search Engine Optimisation is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, but it should be an integral part of any ongoing strategy. SEO is the practice of manipulating the algorithms of a search engine to ensure prominent visibility of your company or brand in the “unpaid” results of a search.

The value of this is massive. If we take statistics presented by, it’s clear that the higher up the chain you appear, the greater share of the traffic you receive. The number 1 rated site on any given search gets a massive 32% of clicks compared with number 5 receiving just 5%.

2019 SEO strategies must prepare for voice search. When using a search engine, customers use short phrases to find information. However, voice searches are part of a conversation with a smart device. In fact, 2017 Google Data shows that 70% of all searches on the Google Assistant are in a conversational language.

Social Banner Advertisement

With 1.43 Billion mobile users on Facebook alone in 2018, it is a gross understatement that if utilised properly, the social media platforms that we are familiar with today can provide a massive revenue stream for your business.

Admittedly, the success of these adverts varies wildly depending on the vertical that you operate in and how aligned the advert is to the person seeing it. Facebook has some of the most sophisticated targeting tools in the industry. By coupling the highly targeted nature of your prospects and the content contained in your ad, you can exceed your expectations of what a successful social media ad campaign is.

AdNews and Yapper

AdNews and Yapper combine to form the acquisition strategy that Digitonic offer, built totally in-house and unlike anything else on the market right now.

Both are strong offerings in their own right, however, we have found that any campaign that leans on a combination of the products performs better.

Yapper is a Facebook approved chatbot, allowing frictionless and fully compliant engagement with prospects. We’ve been advocating conversational marketing as the next big thing and Yapper is the ideal starting point towards embracing that.

AdNews creates brand awareness and brand affinity at scale, by harnessing the biggest news stories from trusted sources and putting your brand front and centre.

Social Influencers

Social Influencers, well, “influence” is growing rapidly. The Instagram generation is remarkably receptive to these types of posts, wanting to have what their favourite celebrity has. It is the fastest growing online acquisition method and with an excess of 700 million active Instagram users today, this methodology will only see an increase in the future.

So much so that 67% of marketing managers said that they would be increasing their influencer marketing budget.

This is a strategy that requires careful consideration and naturally, the products that your company sells have to fit with the influencer and the persona that they have and some industries simply don’t fit with the influencer marketing model at all.


With so much to take into consideration and a plethora of other strategies at your fingertips, we strongly advise setting a plan in place before pulling the trigger for 2019.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Smart Mobile Marketing® approach, get in touch today!

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