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A Perfect Potion

Oct 31, 2019

Mobile Marketing campaigns can be a frightening prospect, so this Halloween, we are sharing our perfect potion for a successful campaign!

A Chunk Of Conversational Marketing

Let’s Talk! Conversational Marketing comes in multiple forms and helps to build trust and rapport with new and existing customers.

Conversational marketing tools, such as AI-powered chatbots, personalised messaging and thoughtful retargeting have provided us with access to leads who are ready to be loyal to a brand. With these tools we can monitor audience behaviour and then segment that information to fit different styles of campaign.

A Dash Of Our Magic Pixel

Pixels are vital for creating powerful audiences, strategies and results! This simple, unique code adds the meat to the skeleton of your marketing campaign. Start building your audiences through the use of pixels installed on site or by integrating pixels with our bespoke AdNews technology. Pixels work in their own mystical way, but we will let you know which pixel potion is perfect for you!

A Generous Sprinkle Of Innovation

Our team never stands still and we are constantly brainstorming new ideas for new technologies in order to stay ahead of the curve for our clients. Our marketing campaigns are powered by products built, managed and nurtured in house. From Yapper to mDoc to AdNews we are extremely proud of our platforms and we are able to scale these worldwide to billions of people per month.

A Slice Of Problem Solving

Problem Solving is so detrimental to the work that we do and the platforms that we manage. Across both marketing and technology teams, we find solutions that are bespoke to our clients needs and with new problems comes new learnings! This is an exciting part of our job and we always embrace the challenge.

A Splash Of Creative Flair

Being comfortable is fine, but our in-house design team love to push boundaries. From Website design to animated digital banners, from bespoke online magazines to fun brand creative, Digitonic uniquely blend our innovative tech with our eye for design in order to create a show-stopping campaigns for our clients.

A Full Bottle Of New Blood

As our business and products expand, naturally so does our team. In the last year we have hired in existing teams and created brand new ones as we begin to grow as a global company.

And how does this benefit our campaigns? New blood means that each team is injected with vibrance, fresh perspective and new expertise which, in turn, helps us to make something remarkable. Want to join our team, let us know why here.

If you are missing vital ingredients to your next marketing campaign, contact us now and let’s start brewing your #perfectpotion!

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