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Don't be haunted by bad mobile marketing

Oct 31, 2018

Mobile internet usage has worked its way into the daily life of smartphone users, allowing consumers to access information and buy products on the move.

However, despite 51.2% of web page views worldwide coming from smartphones, many companies aren't equipped for mobile and see it as an add-on to the marketing strategy. At Digitonic, we can't think of anything scarier.

Below we share some simple and effective ways to improve your mobile presence through our Smart Mobile Marketing techniques.

Ensure you're optimised for mobile

The first step in ensuring any content or information being created for your target audience can be seen correctly on their mobile device.

Ensuring that your website is optimised for tablets and smaller screens as well as ensuring they have a fast load time will help keep customers on your site and keep customer satisfaction high.

Engage your customers

With mobile marketing, it's not just about having a fully optimised website. If you have customer opt-in, SMS marketing is a great way to engage with your customer.

Our mDoc technology goes one step further than a plain SMS by delivering an optimised user experience. By sending device-perfect image and video content directly to the SMS inbox, you create a highly effective, interactive experience.

Our ‘no phone left behind’ ethos ensures that all recipients receive optimised content for their device. This maximises deliverability and ensures each customer receives a strong communication that will convert.

Create Conversations

Creating trusted relationships with your customers ensures loyalty and longevity whilst massively increasing the likelihood of your business benefiting from coveted positive word of mouth. Using AI-powered chatbots is a great way to create conversations and rapport whilst building trusted relationships with your customers.

Using AI-powered chatbots, such as our Facebook Messenger tool Yapper, to create conversations with customers allows for deeper, higher-value customer relationships that are longer lasting that can be used to generate an increase in sales or greater customer loyalty.

You can read more about our Conversational Marketing approach here.


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