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Google vs Covid-19

Jun 18, 2020

It can take up to 66 days (9.4 weeks) to make a new habit stick. With most of us now into week 13 of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, new habits have been quickly adopted and are now becoming our new ‘normal’.

With a heavy reliance on technology to stay connected to work, family, and friends, we have seen a surge of new and updated products battling for our attention on the App Store and online.

As a Google Partner, we have been particularly interested to see how they've adapted and developed their services to suit the times. Here are a few updates that have have caught our attention:

Google Hangout Meet Video Conferencing

Google has offered the premium Google Hangout package for free to all users until 30th September as we continue to learn how to work from home. With this updated package, we now have the ability to include up to 250 participants in each call, Live Stream to up to 100k viewers within a domain, as well as record important meetings straight to your Google Drive. Additionally, in a bid to keep up with competitors, we have seen subtle updates with the grid screen layout so that we can now see more colleagues at once.

Google Lens

Although this Google product has been alive for some time, new features have been launched during the pandemic. With the aim of boosting productivity, Google Lens has updated their paper-to-app feature so that you can sync your highlighted text straight to your computer - perfect for sharing those meeting notes from busy conference calls!

Google Ads - Youtube

Viewer attention has shifted over the last year and streaming is bigger than ever. It has been found that Global Viewer Watch Time on YouTube has grown by 800% on a shared TV screen which is incredibly unusual as Youtube is a mobile-focused app. With watch times growing, interests are also adapting to the times with home exercise search queries on Youtube going up by 2,100% and requests for “Live Content” increasing by 250%.

So what has Google done to help brands make the most of the streaming boom? They have brought forward the launch of the new ‘Brand Lift for TV Screens’ metric. This means that surveys are now optimised for the big screens so that marketers and brands can capture new emerging trends and consumer habits. Brand Lift Surveys will help to improve “campaign's effectiveness” because you will be able to access this data in “near real time” and apply it straight to your campaign.

Google Ads - Discovery Campaigns

Although originally launched last year, Discovery Ads have become widely available over the last month. This new feature allows advertisers to “reach up to 2.9 billion people as they explore their interests and look for inspiration across multiple Google surfaces”. As mentioned previously, consumer interests have changed and this feature comes at the perfect time to reach new and valuable audiences.

Google is doing this through its machine learning capabilities. The advertiser uploads a selection of high-quality image assets and a variety of headlines and descriptions to deliver seamless, cross-device ads which are personalised in order to spark consumer interest and reach them when they are ready to try something new.

Google Podcast

With people taking advantage of their lockdown exercise hour, many are turning to the podcast to accompany their journeys outside. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Google has introduced a brand new tool to the US and Canada: Google Play Podcast Analytics. Launched earlier this month, Google is now offering in-depth reporting that will allow for a Listener Activity Report, which will offer valuable play and download insights, as well as a Subscribers Report which will help you to keep track and retain your dedicated audiences.

For some time now, Google has been a step behind its podcast competitors, Apple and Spotify, so this launch has been long anticipated and welcomed during the Covid-19 lockdown period. Although only available in North America, we imagine that this will be a popular tool with Brands and Marketers and we look forward to it being introduced globally.

Google Search

Studies have shown that since the start of the year, the search term “virtual” has increased in popularity by over 500%, as many have been craving new experiences while spending time at home.

This could be particularly useful for those who are homeschooling their children. Google Search has employed the use of 3D imagery and used it to make learning fun and engaging through these difficult times. An example of this is through Google’s partnership with Biodigital which allows eager users to virtually explore 11 areas of the human body through Search.

New trends and habits are being built because consumers are spending more time in the home. We are happy to see that Google has adapted its platform to work with these trends but we imagine that this is the beginning of a much larger transformation and we are excited to see what they create next!

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