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Hello again, mDoc

Feb 27, 2019

Here at Digitonic we launched what is now our flagship product mDoc, in 2016. At the time there was nothing like it on the market - and that’s still true today.

To this day we encounter a wonderful mix of confusion and amazement when we show prospective clients the power of an mDoc message.

We acknowledge that with all disruptive tech that comes to the market there is often an air of mystery, so we thought it might be useful to clarify what it actually is!

So, what is it?

Let’s start with what it’s not - the most common misconception of mDoc is that it’s just a fancy name for an MMS message, it’s not.

It’s a technology that we have built in-house that in our opinion, represents a fundamental change in the way that brands engage with their existing customer database.   

mDoc stands for mobile device optimised content. In a nutshell, it allows us to send email quality, rich content, directly into an SMS inbox.

Whether it’s a high-resolution image, video content, GIF’s or even a password protected PDF - we can deliver it directly to your customers phone, along with up to 1000 characters of text.

Who can get it?

At the start of every mDoc campaign, we first run all numbers through our award winning AMVS (Advanced Mobile Validation Service), to understand the range of devices that the mDoc message will be sent to, as well as ensuring consistent delivery rates of up to 98% by checking the validity of the number in question and removing any numbers that do not meet the criteria.

We optimise the content to ensure device perfect image and video content is delivered to every single recipient. In addition, our “no phone left behind” ethos dictates that any Internet-enabled device is eligible to receive mDoc messages.

Why is an mDoc campaign right for me?

If you are already utilising an SMS marketing provider and seeing success, then mDoc is perfect for you. In like for like tests, we have seen results that are coming in 127% stronger than a traditional SMS campaign.

Working in conjunction firstly with our design team, we will ensure that the content that we deliver is on-brand for you, and visually striking enough to provoke action from the recipient.

This truly interactive engagement method has proven time and again to deliver significant uplift in action for our clients, and with a dedicated account manager on hand, you will be informed of performance across every variable related to the campaign.

Sounds good, but surely SMS is cheaper?

Not necessarily true, our campaigns are priced on 2 factors - Broadcast Cost (Volume of Send), and Campaign Management fee.

The pricing for mDoc is based on the number of messages sent and varies between campaigns.

An mDoc campaign is the perfect way to re-engage users, delivering offers and marketing content right into the hands of people who already know and love your brand.

In like for like tests, we have found that the price differential is similar but perhaps most importantly, the ROI when comparing mDoc to a traditional SMS campaign, is significantly better in favour of an mDoc campaign.

Ready to get started?

At Digitonic, we believe that mDoc will revolutionise the way that brands engage their customer base. Exceptional content delivers exceptional results, and if you’re ready to learn the benefits of what impact an mDoc campaign could have for your brand, then please get in touch.

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