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How to get the most out of mobile marketing this holiday season

Dec 12, 2018

This year more customers than ever will use their smartphones to find products and research prices before completing a sale. In fact, 42% of shoppers plan to buy gifts for loved ones via their smartphone.

Below we share our top tips on how to get the most out of your mobile marketing strategy this holiday season.

1. Prepare your site

This year more customers than ever are using smartphone or tablet devices to buy gifts. The first step in your mobile marketing strategy should be ensuring your website is responsive and built with mobile in mind. Optimising your website for tablets and smaller screen sizes allow your customers to browse the content on your mobile web page efficiently.

2. Grab your customers attention

In 2018, SMS has an open rate of 98%. SMS is a simple, effective way of getting in front of your customer.

At Digitonic, our mDoc technology goes one step further than a simple SMS. mDoc allows you to send your customer image and video content directly to their SMS inbox.

Our ‘no phone left behind’ ethos ensures that every customer receives optimised content for their device. This makes sure your customer receives content they can interact with and they don't miss out on an incredible offer!

3. Implement conversational marketing

Conversational marketing helps build trust and establishes a relationship with your customer base.

Conversational marketing tools, such as AI-powered chatbots, are more than just customer service or troubleshooting tools. They provide first-hand insight into both your existing and potential customers. This allows you to collect valuable data that can inform future personalised interactions.

Using a chatbot allows you to gain information about your customer and in return offer them personalised deals or offers they can't say no to!

If you’d like to know how we can help improve your mobile marketing strategy through our smart mobile marketing, get in touch today!

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