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India: a mobile hotbed

Jun 12, 2019

Three quarters of consumers in India are now constantly using more than one device simultaneously and spending almost 90 per cent of their workday interacting with devices, according to a new study by Adobe.

Switching screen is also common in India, with the research revealing that 50 per cent of consumers start an activity on mobile and then switch to a computer.

When faced with the prospect of having their smartphone taken away for two weeks, 39 per cent of consumers said it would be a major hassle, while one-third claimed they could not live without their smartphones.

With smartphone tech adoption and 4G now slotting seamlessly into mainstream India, and completely dominating the market, mobile usage has taken off on an unprecedented scale with prices of broadband services and mobile devices in constant decline amidst stiff competition.

This new ease and convenience of mobile accessibility has also shifted media consumption habits. Texting (89 per cent), video calling (88 per cent) and checking social media (85 per cent) are among the key activities which Indian consumers prefer to use their mobile devices for as compared to computers, according to the study.

Smartphones have also emerged as the most preferred medium for all shopping activities, with a huge 89 per cent of consumers currently being able to do all the retail activities they want on mobile. The most effective ways that consumers prefer to get an offer on a smartphone is via SMS/text (37 per cent), followed by email (28 per cent).

Further, the vast majority of Indian consumers (83 per cent) strongly prefer using mobile apps over mobile browsers while interacting with a company; somewhat not surprising in what is now the world’s fastest-growing market for mobile apps.

These findings align with that fact that many households in India may not own a desktop, but have multiple mobile devices, suggesting brands and marketers should take a mobile-first approach if they want to effectively reach their desired audiences.

This way, in a blossoming market that still remains relatively untapped, brands have vast opportunities to learn more about consumers than ever before through their mobiles, gathering mass behavioral data to engage with them personally, which was not previously possible.

Indian consumers now undoubtedly have an increased affinity for smartphones when it comes to all online activities, and with mobile penetration expected to reach over 90 per cent by 2022, the new opportunities for brands to achieve a deeper connection with customers through their mobile phones are endless.

2019 Mobile Marketing Research – India Market is a report based on a survey of 1,000 adult consumers in India.

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