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International Women's Day

Mar 6, 2020

At Digitonic we're always celebrating something, whether it be National Coding Week, Pancake Tuesday or individual successes. So naturally, in honour of International Women’s Day this Sunday, we’ve dedicated this blog to our in-house female Design Team.

So, let's meet them…

Ami Kevan - Senior Graphic Designer

Ami has been with Digitonic for 5 years and in this time has grown and progressed into a senior role where she manages our design team. Throughout her career, Ami has added her creative flare to many Digitonic products currently loved and used by our clients worldwide. Ami is the branding brains behind products like mDoc, ENTR, Yapper and Adnews as well as some of the new and exciting products that we’re working on right now.

Ami takes daily inspiration from her travels and interior design and it was this passion and creativity which led her to design our new beautiful Digitonic Glasgow HQ. Ami did an incredible job and helped transform the space into an inspiring place to work, just wait until you see the photos!

"The people truly do make Digitonic. The team and the office culture they create are a daily inspiration, coming to work each day is exciting. From a design perspective, the passion brought to the table from every team and individual is a huge motivation, and a huge draw creatively. The Design Team we have forged here really brings together the right balance of skills, allowing us to work together seamlessly and branch across a huge range of disciplines - I am proud to come to work each day with these two incredible women, being part of pioneering technology projects and providing the aesthetics to bring these to life"

Lilly Gordon - Graphic Designer

Lilly has been with Digitonic for over 14 months and has been a great addition to the design team. Working closely with Ami over the last year, Lilly’s Digitonic portfolio includes the creation of multiple digital magazines as well as the formation of a leading cricket news brand in India. Lilly definitely puts a capital C in Creativity, with her passion for pushing creative boundaries and brings her own unique design style to the table across all projects.

Lilly takes inspiration from modern art with a focus on the Bauhaus movement and of course from fashion! With a passion for trainers she's always on the lookout so see what the biggest brands in the industry are up to.

"It’s been a great year working with an all female team. We really work well together and I am excited to see where this year takes Digitonic especially with the creation of lots of new tech and our work with Secure PDF"

Fiona Sheil - Graphic Designer

Fiona started her Digi journey with us in November and it’s fantastic to have her onboard. Fiona has been putting her cricket knowledge to the test and working closely with Digitonic India to produce some brilliant design work for our cricket community. She’s always coming up with great ideas online and offline and has really bought a lot of technical design skills to the team.

Fiona takes a lot of her design inspiration from her trips to Florida and is the proud owner of the the coolest stationary in the office!

"Working within an all-female design team has been great so far, and I personally find that together we cover a wide variety of skill sets and knowledge that truly shows off how strong a team we are. I look forward to all the challenges we will face together in the future and how we can grow and develop as a team"

Our Digitonic Design Team are incredible multi-taskers and wow us daily with their ability to command their varied workload. Due to their unlimited imagination, our female designers come up with solutions that strike and amaze everyone around them.

At Digitonic, workplace equality and honouring inclusion and diversity are core values. We are proud to have a team that come from an incredible mix of backgrounds and cultures. Diversity promotes a wider range of perspective, opinion and tolerance and we believe this is an important part of what makes us who we are at Digitonic. We are also proud to say that a 50/50 gender balance is almost within reach in our Glasgow HQ - we will get there!

Happy International Women's Day!

If you’d like to join our fantastic team, please find out more about our latest vacancies on our careers page.

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