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Introducing Facebook’s New Ad Format

Dec 18, 2019

Introducing Facebook’s latest version of Dynamic Ads and why you should be using them.

As marketers, we love anything that helps us get the right content, to the right customer, at the right time. We are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve our efficiency so that we can enhance results for us and our clients.

Creating multiple ads across your ad sets within campaigns in Facebook can be one of the most time consuming and fiddly tasks that we as marketers have to do. To answer our prayers, Facebook has taken inspiration from one of the most useful features from Google Adwords, Responsive Ads, and repackaged it for use across Facebook Ads.

You’ll find this new option labelled as ‘Multiple Text Optimization’, which is a very clever name, because it would definitely throw anyone suspicious that it might be a plagiarism of Google Responsive off the trail.

Why have they been introduced?

If you haven’t used them before, you might already have an idea from reading the above paragraphs that, when working with a large volume of them, Facebook Ads can be a source of woe.

The manual element of optimising and moderating Facebook Ads has been outdated now for a couple of years and an automated option has been cried out for.

How they work?

Those who’ve used Google Responsive Ads can skip this section.

The new ‘Multiple Text Optimization’ option allows the user to dump multiple Ad creative and copy variations into one place and let Facebook and their algorithm find the variations that works best for different Facebook users. And sure they should know, they own the place.

For those looking to use this feature - here’s the breakdown:

  • Up to 10 images or videos
  • Up to 5 variations of Primary Text, Headline and Description
  • Up to 5 CTA’s


Much like Google’s Responsive Ads, they work, they work really well. It turns out Facebook's algorithm knows their customers better than even the most astute marketer. Pairing this new tool with our in depth knowledge and granulated marketing strategies, the Multiple Text Optimization Ad format has already brought us impressive results. Since adopting these ad options we’ve seen CPC’s improve by 75% in strategies where we’ve tested this new feature. On top of this, in some cases we are seeing Click Through Rates soar almost 5x.

If you want to ensure that your campaigns are up to date on all the latest trends, contact Digitonic here!

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