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Sep 7, 2018

In our digital world, customers have more information at their fingertips than ever before. So, it isn't surprising to find that the brands that take time to curate meaningful relationships with their audience win!

“People want to have close relationships with their brands. It still sounds a little weird today, but one day it won’t. The right time to start building those relationships is right now.” Gary Vaynerchuk, Chairman VaynerX, CEO VaynerMedia

The art of conversational marketing allows brands to engage with their audience to learn more and create a truly human buying experience.

To help create a more human buying experience, businesses can use AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI comes in many forms, but for conversational marketing, it takes shape in intelligent conversational chatbots. You can read more about AI in our previous blog posts.

“Conversation is the new lead” Ryan Deiss, CEO Digital Marketer


AI-powered Chatbots are so much more than simplified customer service or troubleshooting tools, they give first-hand insight into your customers allowing you to collect valuable data that can inform future personalised interactions. It is these interactions that help build a trusted relationship between you and your customer.

Creating trusted relationships with your customers ensures loyalty and longevity whilst massively increasing the likelihood of your business benefiting from coveted positive word of mouth.

Gathering data and enquiry information via a chatbot allows you to qualify leads via a two-way conversation. This enables your team to interact and connect with pre-qualified leads as soon as they come in, building on the conversation they previously had with the chatbot.

Conversational Marketing is generating incredible results for brands right now and will dominate marketing in the future.

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