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Meet Team Digitonic - Scott Derrick, Partnership Consultant

Feb 8, 2019

We are delighted to welcome Scott Derrick to Team Digitonic as Partnerships Consultant!

As we continue to grow, Scott is a fantastic addition to the team bringing with him a wealth of business growth and development experience.

Find out more about Scott and why he is excited to join Digitonic below.

What attracted you to come and work for Digitonic?

Digitonic have a reputation for being a great company to work for and with the genuinely market-leading technology that they provide, I felt there was a great opportunity to progress my career and do it in an environment that is innovative and ultimately a fun place to be.

How would you describe your role as Partnership Consultant?

Primarily, my day to day work is engaging with potential clients, giving them an insight into the services that Digitonic provide to help bolster their current marketing strategy and understand a bit more about their aspirations as a business and where we plug into that. I will also be working to (hopefully) deliver some engaging and insightful content that both our clients and prospective clients can get value from.

What are the key skills and attributes needed for success in your role?

My job is all about communication, one of the perks of the job is definitely getting to hear about different businesses plans and visions. The ability to be a bit creative and think outside the box is also pretty important!

What is your favourite thing about working at Digitonic?

The culture, for sure. Often you see people speaking about culture in the workplace and how great it is that everyone is having a beer on Friday. There is an element of that here but at its core, the culture of Digitonic is a group of people working together to push something forward, constantly innovating and celebrating the successes that come from that work. For me, that’s what sets it apart from other places I’ve worked.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment since you started at Digitonic?

I wouldn’t say that there’s a specific thing that stands out for me, I enjoy my work and that is something that a lot of people don’t get to experience. As a Partnerships team, we are making some important moves, particularly into previously unexplored markets for the company and that has been pretty great to be a part of, I’m just looking forward to what comes next!


We’re always growing as a team across all departments, so if you like what you hear from Scott, get in touch today to find out about the positions currently available.

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