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Meet The Team - Adam Campbell, Digital Marketing Specialist

Oct 21, 2020

We’re delighted to welcome Adam Campbell to the Digitonic team! Read on to find out more about Adam and his role as Digital Marketing Specialist…

What attracted you to come and work for Digitonic?

I would say the challenge of working in a fast-paced marketing environment was a huge draw for me when it came to joining Digitonic. In my last job I worked in-house/client-side, so the opportunity to experience an agency-side marketing role was incredibly appealing. The challenge of transitioning from working solely with one brand to working with a vast variety of clients was something I couldn’t say no to really.

After speaking with the leadership team and getting to know some of them, it filled me with confidence that this business was incredibly well run and especially given the circumstances of this year, the fact that they were still finding success and growth was really admirable. And the chance to move back to Glasgow after moving away following graduation was another bonus.

How would you describe your role as a Digital Marketing Specialist?

The primary focus of my role is to work alongside and support the rest of the Marketing team in Digitonic. If I had to break my work down I would say I have supported the team in campaign planning, elements of campaign setups, and I work with analytics and statistics to report on the performance of campaigns. I’ve had the chance to work a lot with Digitonic’s own platform SONA, which I have used to set up some display campaigns for our clients.

Over the last month a lot of my work has been learning as well. I’ve been provided with a lot of incredibly useful training and support from colleagues to get up to speed with primary elements of my role.

What are the key skills and attributes you need to succeed in your role?

Time management is an incredibly important skill to have in this role, and one I’m definitely trying to get to grips with. The nature of the work at Digitonic is so fast paced, it’s crucial to understand your priorities and manage your day accordingly to make sure you hit all of your objectives and get your tasks done on time.

Within that, you also need to be adaptable. It’s important to understand that a task can come out of the blue and become a top priority very quickly, so being adaptable and able to manage your projects in an ever-changing schedule is another key skill. But it’s also an important skill to master so that you don’t burn yourself out every day in work. Pacing yourself throughout the work day is just as important.

Communication skills are also very important. It’s important that the team know the status and progress of the projects at hand, so having the ability to communicate and update colleagues in a concise and orderly manner is really important. Transparency is so important to the work of the team as a collective, so being able to communicate what you’re working on and any urgent points that need to be raised is a very important skill.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

I would say knowing that I am going to be challenged in some way in my work is what makes each day really rewarding at Digitonic. I’ve always been the sort of person who loves working with an element of pressure, and the fast-paced nature of our work definitely delivers that. And everyone in the team is great chat, so knowing there is gonna be a good laugh at some point.

What is your favourite thing about working at Digitonic?

The people at Digitonic are a delight to work with. Everyone in the team is very supportive and encouraging, and there is always a fun and positive atmosphere amongst the team.

When you first join a company, its very easy to feel like you’re an inconvenience to those around you, particularly when you’re learning processes and have a lot of questions. Especially given that we are all working remotely as well, it can add an extra barrier of awkwardness to communicating in some circumstances. But at Digitonic, that has not been an issue at all.

All of my colleagues have always made time for me, they have provided extensive training where needed, and it feels like everyone wants to make each day a good day. And I’ve learned quickly there is a unanimous undying love for Greggs sausage rolls, which I’m not going to argue against.

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