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Meet the team - Daniele Bicelli

Aug 14, 2018

We are delighted to welcome Daniele Bicelli to Team IT as a Software Developer.

As Team Digitonic continues to grow, Daniele brings with him great experience in Software Development. Find out in this blog post what attracted Daniele to come work for us.

What attracted you to come and work for Digitonic?

I was in a period of change in my life where I needed new challenges. Digitonic has given me the opportunity to work on a framework to improve and have shown me a completely different approach to the one I was used to.

How would you explain your role?

I like to define myself as a builder but instead of bricks and concrete, I use pc and code. I basically write code that a machine can then interpret and output as websites and technology tools we use every day.

What do you find rewarding about the job?

It is very rewarding when I get a task that at first glance looks “impossible” but then after analyzing and working on the project, I manage to solve it and complete the task. It's also rewarding when I am working on a task and, for reasons such as coincidence or slight similarity in the requirements, it happens that solving the first task has led me to the possible solution for another, in a completely unrelated project.

What are the key skills and attributes to succeed in your role?

The key skills in this role are to be flexible and open to learning completely new and unknown (to you) technologies. You also have to like reading and keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, because that is how you teach and train yourself. If you are ready for new challenges, all your work will come to hand and everything else will follow.

When do you have the most fun at work?

When I get the ‘green’! Green colour appears on my progress bar when the tests that I am writing are passing, which means that I am progressing in my task and that it is almost complete.

Welcome to the team, Daniele!


We’re always growing as a team across all departments, so if you like what you hear from Daniele, get in touch today to find out about the positions currently available.

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