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Meet The Team - James Hall, Software Engineer

Nov 5, 2019

As our team expands, we caught up with our newest member in the Development team, James Hall!

To learn more about how he started his Digitonic journey, read below...

What attracted you to come and work for Digitonic?

I was initially attracted by the existing products presented by Digitonic, especially how they are built for such a grand scale. When I gathered more information, I realised that the company seemed perfect for me, and my development as a software engineer. Hearing the vast amount of processes and technologies used by the development team was enticing and exactly what I was looking for in a career.

How would you describe your role as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineering is a lot more than just coding, it includes the development, maintenance, and architecture of building a piece of software. We work as a team to approach tasks in the best and most suitable way possible using a substantial amount of processes and technologies.

What motivates you to come to work every day?

As a junior developer in the industry, the strive to constantly improve in my field gives me the motivation to come in and try my best to adapt to the technologies and processes presented by Digitonic. Every day I am faced with new challenges and they push me to keep learning.

What is your favourite thing about working at Digitonic?

Being able to work with a close and experienced development team on new projects. It’s interesting to see various ideas and perspectives on how to tackle certain issues, and how - as a team - we reach those conclusions. The process of taking an idea and watching the team build a project from a pool of knowledge is exciting, and I am looking forward to continuing this process for future projects.

What do you find rewarding about the job?

Using my current knowledge, or knowledge gained on a project, and seeing my work develop before me. Overcoming a difficult challenge that I haven’t faced before is rich and rewarding. Also sharing and receiving knowledge from the development team I work with is incredibly rewarding personally and is helping me grow as a developer each day.

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