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Meet The Team - Manish Thapa, Country Manager (India)

Jul 14, 2020

Manish, our Country Manager for India, is an integral part of the Digitonic team. Read on to find out more about Manish and what his role involves…

Tell us about your role at Digitonic in India.

As a Country Manager for the India market, my role is multi-faceted. Beyond looking for business alliances into the India market, I also look after the local team of 6 who take, write, and produce content for our digital assets in India. It is a mix of Operations, Marketing and HR all combined in one.

Who are the rest of the Team India, and what do they do?

It is a team effort, for sure. I'm joined by Sumedhh, my Digital Lead for India. He looks after the editorial responsibilities for and leads all of our digital content for social media – as well as being the host of our audio podcast. Being a BCCI accredited Journalist, Sandipan is our Principal Correspondent as well our roving reporter for live coverages of cricket. He takes care of all the live coverages, previews, and reviews for the site. He also covers everything about the Associate Nations for the site. The rest of the team consists of senior cricket writers Rohit, Sarah, Prasenjit, Shreyasi and Shantanu, who are the backbone of content on All the timely news and interesting content features come from them. With combined experience of over 30 years in sports journalism, we have a very strong team in India!

How does it feel to be based in India but very much part of a growing Scottish company?

Working with an international team is always a great learning experience. It adds to your worldview and broadens your horizons around best business practices. The fact that we all work remotely, yet still have the support and encouragement of the whole team, speaks in volume of the diversity and inclusive nature of the company. Every meeting and conversation has a wonderful takeaway. Your personal and social norms get challenged every day and you truly become part of the larger family.

What are the key skills and attributes you need to succeed in your role?

Speaking to diverse sets of individuals and businesses - communication would top in the list for me. Quick decision making and adaptability are other critical skills that I need to employ daily. Leading a team requires very good problem-solving skills, as well as a good grip on project management. You need a good business acumen to see through the landscape and plan with strategic planning.

India experienced the world's biggest coronavirus lockdown, what was that like, and what is life like there at the moment?

Being completely shutdown was something that no-one had ever experienced and the uncertainty it brought was unnerving as nobody knew how to deal with it. There was no parallel to look up to. Certainly, the new normal is a massive learning curve but it continues to be stressful. Currently, we have the third largest number of cases in the world and very little glimmer of hope - which we are holding on to. I suppose what we do is to try and shut the concerns out to focus on the work at hand. Being grateful of all that you have is something to focus on as it helps in a way to deal with it.

What advice would you give other companies that may be looking to India as a market of opportunity?

I believe that every country is unique and is largely driven by its social beliefs and cultural norms, hence it is crucially important for businesses to understand India’s culture and business practices. Businesses need to contextualize and localize themselves to assimilate into the current landscape, see what's missing, and then bridge the gap between the west and the east - thereby providing long term value. To speak with an ant, you need to become an ant - that is what we need to be careful of when entering a newer territory.

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