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Drive Offline Traffic Online

Jul 20, 2018

Did you know you can drive offline traffic to your chatbot and build your Messenger audience through Messenger Parametric codes?

We’ve all used QR codes – scan the code with your phone and up pops a given URL. This is exactly what a Messenger Parametric Code is. The difference being, that the code opens up a conversation with your page. This is a really exciting way of bringing users from the offline world into your Messenger bot and allow you to engage with them.

When Would I Use These?

Messenger Parametric codes have multiple use cases across many industries. Here are just a few examples of how they can be used to drive traffic to Messenger and meet your business objectives.

If you're organising a conference, you could put your code on the banner, on posters at entry or on flyers and encourage attendees to scan the code. When the code is scanned and the conversation is opened, you can provide the user with event updates, schedules or even as a way to gather feedback from the event.

Imagine you run a restaurant. Customers always ask for Wi-Fi. Parametric codes can be used on the menus - “scan to get Wi-Fi code”. Customers then receive a message notification with the Wi-Fi password. When you have gathered subscribers on Messenger, your bot can have a conversation with them – ask for reviews, menu updates and provide promotions etc.

You are a retail store and are running a sale. Place your Messenger code on in-store posters and displays. Use the call to action “Scan code to get 50% off” – customers then receive a discount code through Messenger that they can redeem in-store or online. Plus, if they opt-in you can now send them future updates on sales, collections and upcoming events.

How to open a conversation from a Messenger Code

  1. Open Messenger app.
  2. Open the Messenger camera.
  3. Scan the code with the Messenger Camera by holding down your finger on the screen.
  4. A conversation opens with the given profile.

It’s that simple.

How do I get my code?

  1. Go to your Facebook page and click inbox.
  2. Click on the “i” sign in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3. Click Download and choose a resolution that you want for your code.
  4. You now have a Messenger code that you can use for all your offline promotional materials.

Make the Most of Messenger

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