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More than just a tea run...

Aug 17, 2018

We welcomed Conall to the Digitonic Marketing team to learn all things mobile this summer. As a Business Management student, Conall has been a great asset to the team and below he shares his experience as a mobile marketing intern.

This summer I was given the amazing opportunity to join Digitonic for two months as a mobile marketing intern. It’s difficult to put into words how unbelievable these two months have been but I’ll try my best to give you a feel for it.


Before joining I’d heard a few horror stories of people my age joining a company for the summer and get left staring at the walls, shadowing (although this can be useful, it gets boring quite quickly) or learning nothing more than how everyone in the office likes their tea. Having only limited office experience before this I had no idea what to expect from this internship. From my wobbly pre-match expectations I felt if it went well I’d get a good insight into the real world of marketing and a sweet tan from the Glasgow sun.

Where I was before

A bit of a novice. Before Digitonic the biggest experience I had in digital marketing was being an owner of a Small Zoo Facebook business page (a university project, don’t actually have a zoo). However, as an avid sports fan with a keen interest in both marketing and social media, I knew there could be something I could bring to the business.

Where I am now

A bit of a pro. Well not completely, but at least halfway there. My experience here has been far beyond my expectations. I had a team full of supportive marketing experts on hand to guide me through it all. True digital marketing geniuses took me under their guidance and chucked me into the deep end of it.

In the first week or two, I slowly came to grips with the company and how it worked, initially working on stat sheets and shadowing colleagues. Within a couple of weeks, I was attributed to tasks such as maintaining and expanding on advertising and messaging projects. I found that in Digitonic no two days are ever the same.

A big part of my time here revolved around the Russia 2018 World Cup. Had I not been at Digitonic this summer I’m sure I would have probably been counting the hours down to each and every kick-off. Although rather than making value out of this watch time, anything interesting I would have picked up would have been lost to pub chat or Football Manager 2019 scouting. Working with the team I helped create, build and launch World Cup Messenger campaigns across the UK, Brazil and beyond!

I will be heading back to the University of Dundee in September to finish my degree with a true appreciation for marketing and how it can influence people in all corners of the world. I came to Digitonic initially to gain a bit of insight into digital marketing and I’ve left a with the drive to become a Digital Marketer.

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