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What is Conversational Marketing?

Oct 2, 2018

With the increased use of bots, voice assistants and AI in businesses, conversational marketing is a hot topic. However, you may find yourself asking what is conversational marketing?

Conversational Marketing is a humane and personalised way of doing commerce. It is the catalyst to being able to deliver hyper-personalisation marketing which is the dream for almost every marketer.


Brands adopting a CAPTURE, QUALIFY and CONNECT strategic approach to Conversational Marketing are already reaping the potential rewards by generating incredible engagement rates and conversion stats.

Conversational Marketing platforms integrate with AI plus the latest BOT and messaging technologies. They offer marketers the ability to listen with intent, which is a vital skill set for a conversation-first new world.

Brands succeeding at Conversational Marketing build trust and establish rapport with their audiences. They ask specific or open-ended questions and adopt paraphrasing to show genuine interest and understanding. Most importantly, new technology enables savvy marketers to respond appropriately within each conversation.

The end goal of Conversational Marketing is to create deeper, higher-value customer relationships that are longer lasting that can be used to generate an increase in sales or greater customer loyalty.

Lead Generation

From our experience, Conversation is definitely the new lead. Brands that build a mutually beneficial dialogue with customers within a conversation funnel, where the audience feel heard and valued will increase the quality of the data that brands gather, enabling the hyper-personalisation that is generating the unprecedented Conversational Marketing campaign stats.

Imagine being able to replicate your best performing sales employee and adopt an automated way of giving your prospects all the information that they require and most importantly have requested. Not what you as a brand think they want, but what they have actually asked for. This means that brands can now take their audience from point A to point B in a frictionless manner to get the end result that both parties want. Personalised retargeting and ensuring that users re-enter the conversation at the point they left will be the difference between brands that do well and brands that excel within Conversational Marketing.

At Digitonic, CPC now equals Cost Per Conversation not Cost Per Click and AI stands for Actionable Intelligence. I think it was a BT strapline that mentioned that “it’s good to talk”. We think it is good to listen and converse. We’re looking forward to powering future conversations via our in-house built YAPPER conversational marketing platform.


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