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Date Posted: Jan 28 2022

UX Designer

We are looking to find a talented middleweight UX Designer to work on a range of our B2B and B2C digital products. The UX Designer will be focussed on understanding and solving real customer problems to help build the most intuitive and innovative digital experience.

To be considered for this role, you need to be a UX Designer with a solid foundation of user experience methodologies, capable of working in a fast-paced environment. You must be collaborative in your approach and have excellent communication skills, the ability to defend your designs and manage relationships with key stakeholders.

4 International Offices
30 Employees
5 Languages Spoken

Established 2011

The story of Smart Mobile Marketing®

Digitonic will celebrate its 10th birthday in April 2021. A mobile marketing technology company formed in 2011, we are owner managed with a team of 30 brilliant people. Our HQ is in Glasgow and we have offices in London, New York and Lucknow (India). In 2020 we increased our headcount by 30%. Our client base is global and growing rapidly.

We are an agency at heart. We have clients BUT the most important client is ourselves. Our clients use the platforms we have developed or pay us to use our own platforms on their behalf.

Our core propositions are Publishing, Media Buying and Messaging.

We are very good at what we do. Our clients tell us so. Our company values drive not just what we do but how we do it. We have an exceptionally talented team of marketers, developers and designers. Our employee attrition rate in 2019 and 2020 was just 3%.

We are one of the fastest growing technology companies in Scotland.

We are looking for exceptionally talented, good people to join us and support our continued growth.

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“The atmosphere at Digitonic is truly inspiring”

Digitonic Product Launches 2011 - 2014:


Advanced Mobile Validation Service

Digitonic Product Launches 2015 - 2017:
Digitonic Product Launches 2018:

Our Trademark

Smart Mobile Marketing® is our trademark, and it is the embodiment of what we do: We deliver marketing success.

Every day we strive to deliver remarkable projects for forward thinking clients. Via strategic thinking and continual ideation, strategising and researching, all mixed with the latest development frameworks; we have an insatiable appetite to innovate.

We do this whilst respecting privacy-by-design and secure development principles, and we continually invest in our people, enabling them to be at the forefront of our industry.

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Hear some thoughts from the team

Joined 2012

Lynsay Thorburn

Marketing Director

Q1: What attracted you to your original role at Digitonic?

Back in 2012, I was looking to develop my skills as a marketer and work in a fast paced agency environment. As a pioneering start-up in the mobile marketing niche, Digitonic was a perfect fit. To be the first employee of Digitonic was a rare opportunity that was too good to miss!

Q2: Can you describe how your career has since progressed?

Over the last 8 years, my role has progressed from Mobile Marketing Executive focussing on messaging campaigns and solutions, to Marketing Director, where I manage our marketing team, and the media buying and traffic generation divisions within the company. Digitonic have been on an exciting journey as we expand our in-house technology product offering and internationalise the business. Growing with the business, and helping to build the company and the Digitonic brand has been extremely rewarding!

“Digitonic was a perfect fit”
“Design is a way of thinking”

Joined 2014

Ami Kevan

Senior Graphic Designer

Q1: What attracted you to your original role at Digitonic?

As a designer, the role at Digitonic represented a rare opportunity to be involved in design aspects across a multitude of different disciplines and have the opportunity to be involved in design elements within their pioneering technology. It meant I would be able to learn new skills and build those across a number of different design areas and practices.

Q2: Can you describe how your career has since progressed?

Having started as the only designer on the team, the last 5 years has seen me gradually grow and progress into a lead design role where I manage team design; now a team of three. Although mainly a digital role, it is extremely rewarding to also be trusted with design in a variety of different areas; recently being involved in the design and project management of our new Glasgow HQ office and move. As the company grows we have seen the design department really expand, morphing into an extremely diverse department, bridging across everything from animation to UI.

Our Glasgow HQ


Technology Stack

We provide world class mobile marketing platforms for our clients. Often, these are operated by our internal marketing operations teams, who act as our internal customer.

We add value to our clients’ projects because we have the ability to decide how our platforms operate, integrate and evolve.

We build on top of the latest frameworks whilst ensuring interoperability, and we scale our platforms from the ground up to handle millions, and sometimes billions of transactions each month.

Our platforms are operational 24/7 and we are supported by a team of passionate engineers and technical team leaders who have a thirst for knowledge and an inquisitive mind.

Our platforms provide our development teams with a series of challenges, but also a wealth of knowledge and pride. We are not a ‘one platform fits all’ kind of department.

We Experiment

We change our tech stack depending on the project.

We push the boundaries on what we can achieve through a number of software development methodologies and techniques.

We are passionate about standards, consistency and quality.

We only employ engineers who strive for better.

Current Stack

Some of Digitonic's top products

CRM & Customer Retention

mDoc is our flagship mobile messaging format delivering rich media content into the SMS inbox of any internet enabled mobile device.

Handling Jpegs, Gifs, MP4s and PDF documents, mDoc is the digital postal service; vastly more effective than email and at a fraction of the cost of physical mail.

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Customer Loyalty

Entr is our turnkey WiFi analytics platform delivering real-time in-venue personalisation via triggered marketing and webhooks, all derived from device connectivity events.

Powered by your existing WiFi connectivity, Entr also provides unique data insights by helping venue owners to understand unique customer visit frequencies and durations.

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Conversational Messaging

Yapper is a conversational flow designer delivering functionality at the forefront of the conversational marketing evolution.

Leverage scalable inbound and outbound Facebook Messenger automation to capture, qualify and connect across social channels.

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Audience Generation

AdNews provides a highly scalable prospecting technique by leveraging newsworthy content, achieving targeted brand exposure.

The AdNews process creates an enhanced conversion funnel by creating impressions that encourage action, delivering industry leading click through rates when compared with traditional banner advertising.

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"The atmosphere at Digitonic is truly inspiring; our passionate team of experts execute campaigns that drive outstanding results"

- Lynsay Thorburn, Marketing Director

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