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Introducing AdNews

Adnews is a breaking news community with an enhaced conversion funnel for advertisers.

Digitonic’s proprietary mobile marketing technology, AdNews, allows branded banner ads to be layered over leading 3rd party content achieving targeted brand exposure at scale. We help brands bolster their customer acquisition strategy by creating impressions that encourage action, and positioning your brand across highly trusted and respected websites.

Breaking news stories provide the perfect medium for delivering engaging ads, creating the opportunity to promote your brand to millions highly of profiled views. AdNews delivers user acquisition and is proven to drive a substantial volume of traffic to your website via industry leading click through rates.

To achieve this, Digitonic specialise in building social communities to promote content directly to your ideal customer using highly focussed targeting tools.

Forge incredible brand affinity that drives conversions

Highly effective in enabling conversion funnel marketing

A compliant channel to engage your profiled audience

Create impressions that encourage action

Lead generation - acquire new customers globally

AdNews works on 100% of websites

Conversational Messaging

Combine AdNews with Yapper’s Facebook chatbot functionality to engage your audience in a frictionless two-way conversation.

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"Their custom-built technology seems to give Digitonic a powerful competitive advantage"

- James Stafford, Founder of

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