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Digital tracking for the physical world

Precise on-location Wi-Fi analytics

Powered by your existing Wi-Fi, Entr creates unique data insights and outcomes by enabling venue owners and operators to understand who their customers are, how often they visit and how long they stay.

Single, Simple Sign-Up

Entr doesn’t require an app or Bluetooth; instead, superior real-time analytics are facilitated by a single, simple Wi-Fi sign-up. Entr then measures a visitor’s frequency and duration in a single or group of venues, both today and into the future without your visitor needing to physically re-connect to the Wi-Fi ever again.

Wi-Fi Marketing Automation

Entr powers targeted, behavioural triggered marketing for physical spaces. Inbuilt marketing automation increases consumer footfall, engagement and revenue for venue operators and brands.

One easy-to-use Dashboard

Entr seamlessly measures responses from campaigns by logging customers the moment they re-enter target venues. Marketers can measure with precision their associated ROI via a single easy-to-use dashboard.

Why Choose Entr

Generate visits and revenue using smart Wi-Fi.

Frictionless real-time customer data.

Builds a true reflection of your customers and visits.

Benchmark your venues’ performance.

Build a fully opted-in database.

No additional Wi-Fi costs.

Realise true return on investment.

Entr is designed, developed and maintained by Digitonic.

Smart Wi-Fi analytics made easy, for one simple price.

Learn more about the Entr pricing structure.

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"The real-time locational information alongside consent for digital marketing supercharges our upselling strategy"

- Madeleine van Noorden, CRM Manager

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