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In-Image Personalisation Generated On-Demand

PiC is Digitonic’s proprietary Personalised Image Creator; the easy-to-use method of dynamically generating high-volume, personalised JPEG images to deliver direct to your customers’ device.

Countless Possibilities

From a first name or car registration number, to a sports team or club membership number. Combined with functionality on multiple messaging channels including mDoc, MMS, RCS, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp - the scope for personalisation is endless.

To cut through the noise of the modern-day inbox, the ability to instantaneously connect and forge stronger relationships with customers is invaluable. Delivering personalised content on-demand gives your business the upper hand.

Multi Channel Messaging

Why Choose PiC?

Dynamically generate personalised images in bulk with our easy-to-use platform.

Customisable features including fonts, colours, sizes and positioning of text.

Amplify response rates with increased clicks and conversions.

Energise engagement levels and create lasting impressions with instantly eye-catching campaigns.

Request a Personalised JPEG for yourself and see Smart Mobile Marketing® in action.

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"Their custom-built technology seems to give Digitonic a powerful competitive advantage"

- James Stafford, Founder of

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