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It has never been easier, or quicker, to send statements or demands to your customers. While physical post can allow for confidential documentation to fall into the wrong hands, our Secure PDF format safeguards your customers against fraudulent activity. Using Digitonic’s flagship mobile messaging format mDoc, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are delivering your customers’ personal documentation to them in a secure and reliable way.

Our Mobile Identity Solution checks for any irregular mobile account activity pre-send. By immediately notifying the service provider to take action, no personal documentation will be delivered to numbers that may be compromised.

Password Encryption

mDoc delivers media files directly to your customers’ SMS inbox, meaning they aren’t required to click a url to access the file via a browser-based download.

All you need to do is encrypt the PDF document with a password that only the recipient can know - for example, their date of birth combined with digits from their phone number. The instructions on how to compose each password can be clearly described in the SMS message.


Reduce your carbon footprint with sustainable business practices, improve your green credentials and meet ESG criteria.


Secure PDF production and delivery costs are multiple times cheaper than physical mail and its associated resource and logistical costs.


Execute same-day delivery, with 90% of messages being read within 3 minutes.


Has your letter been delivered, opened and prompted action? Secure PDF documents allow you to track the delivery and consequent activity of your customer within the document.


Password-encrypted PDFs offer additional security. The PDF is clearly visible and clickable within the message, negating the need for customers to download the document via url.

Your ESG Credentials

Paper makes up 16% of landfill solid waste and 4 billion trees are being cut down each year to power this industry

We realise the importance of using technology to collectively work in a more efficient and sustainable way. Reduce your paper consumption and its carbon footprint by digitising document delivery into Secure PDFs.

Request a Secure PDF for yourself and see Smart Mobile Marketing® in action.

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