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The Future of Display Advertising

The missing link between high-calibre advertisers and high-quality publishers.

Introducing SONA

The Next Generation Ad Network that gives site owners full control while advertisers reap the rewards of prime positioning and high-quality traffic.

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SONA allows publishers to have complete control over their ad inventory and select who advertises on their website, where ads are positioned and when they appear. Creating a direct synergy between site owners and the businesses that accommodate their ad space, SONA enables high-performing campaigns to effectively benefit both parties, without diminishing any existing ad revenue.

By only allowing qualified ads that meet the standard of your web content, you can easily monetize your high-quality traffic and earn more for your valuable web property.


The ability to select who qualifies to advertise on your website, as well as where and when their ads will appear.

Relevant display ads that enhance and compliment your web content.

Increase revenue streams by only running compatible ads to qualified leads and highly profiled traffic.

Detailed analytics that display your earnings in real time.

Early commission pay-outs, and a robust, compliant commission payment system.

A flexible solution that fully integrates into your site with no detriment to existing ad revenue.

SONA for

Using a comprehensive selection process, SONA ensures that display ads are in tune with the webpage content, meaning advertisers are safe in the knowledge that ads are seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time. With highly engaged leads from commercially sought-after ad space, you can sit back and watch your conversion rates soar.

Combined with in-built platform features such as controlled spending allocation, click fraud protection, and geo-location, SONA makes overspending a problem of the past.


Increase revenue streams with access to high-quality, largely inaccessible, publishers.

Avoid overspending with fair and controlled budget allocation.

Prevent ad fatigue with highly engaged traffic and prime ad positioning.

Click fraud protection that ensures an accurate, reliable picture of success.

Detailed, real-time analytics for the ad, campaign, and creative performance.

A fully compliant, unique user tracking method regulated in accordance with GDPR and CCPA.

"Their custom-built technology seems to give Digitonic a powerful competitive advantage"

- James Stafford, Founder of

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