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Powering Conversational Marketing

Conversion funnel marketing via chatbots

Extending Your Reach

Facebook’s Messenger application is an enhanced messaging channel that creates a seamless, engaging and effective user experience automatically available to anyone with a Facebook account.

A Billion Opportunities

With over 1 billion daily active users, the Facebook platform is the perfect place to find your ideal audience at significant scale. Our Messenger approach delivers targeted new users into a bespoke Messenger flow, using automated conversational marketing chatbots that achieve superior results.

How you can take advantage of Facebook Messenger

We reach your customers and prospects on a platform that most users utilise daily. Our expert team develops Facebook marketing strategies that integrate with your social lead generation activity, augmenting traditional display ad techniques with interactive Facebook messenger bot tenchniques.


Using our creativity and expertise in chatbot conversational marketing we drive traffic to your Messenger. We can add plugins to your website or marketing communications to let users know they can get in touch with you via Messenger directly. Every user must opt-in to your chatbot marketing communications and can unsubscribe at any time. Facebook Messenger subscribers are 5 to 10 times more powerful than email subscribers.

Conversion Funnels

Our automated communication tools are designed to get your customers from A to B in your sales journey. Using chatbots, we make conversations with your prospect customers seamless, giving you the opportunity to engage with users and retarget those who have fallen off the journey at any point.

Frictionless Journey

Our unique customer acquisition approach takes users on a journey from passive social media scrolling straight into a direct conversational marketing experience with your brand. We use our conversion funnel marketing expertise and knowledge to deliver exciting ways to engage with your existing prospects, and generate new leads via Facebook Messenger bots.

Save time and money by using pre-designed, automated conversational marketing.

Generate leads with informative conversational formats.

Produce innovative messaging to engage targeted users.

Send rich media directly into your audience’s Messenger inbox.

Send regular broadcasts to your Facebook Messenger bot subscribers and keep them in the loop.

Convert your prospect customers and re-engage with them frequently.

Account Management

Each client will have a dedicated account manager and Facebook Messenger bot designer that will assist in the development and delivery of the chatbot as well as any chatbot marketing, helping you make the most of Messenger for your business.

"Their custom-built technology seems to give Digitonic a powerful competitive advantage"

- James Stafford, Founder of

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