Advanced Mobile Validation Service

Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of mobile marketing

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Advanced Mobile Validation Service (AMVS) connects to a mobile number’s home network to identify whether a number is currently live, not active or roaming. The software can detect if a number is active, improving the effectiveness of companies' marketing campaigns by helping clients consistently achieve delivery rates of 98% for all of their SMS marketing campaigns.

Saving You Both Time and Money

Through identifying if a mobile number is valid, turned on or residing abroad, AMVS could save you both time and money by removing invalid or ineligible records from mobile marketing communications. AMVS has drastically improved efficiency at call centres across the UK, allowing them to only call users whose mobile phones are turned on and live.

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Our AMVS Platform

Our AMVS platform has been designed with the end user in mind, focusing on creating a simple and effective validation tool that clients feel confident using in-house. Perfect for a pre-send database clean or for long-term validation projects.

Why Choose AMVS?_

Valid, Turned On, Roaming or Error

Identify if a mobile number is valid, turned on, roaming or has an error status.


Checks are performed in real-time with a proven 99.7% accuracy.

Save time and Money

Increases efficiency of mobile marketing campaigns, saving time and money.

500000 per hour

Ability to run a dataset of 500,000 contacts in one hour.

Database Cleaning

Ideal for a pre-send database clean.

Call Centres

Improves efficiency at many UK call centres, only calling valid numbers.

AMVS has already been used over 110 million times.

The software can run through a data-set of 500,000 contacts in just one hour. In 2014 AMVS won the DBM Awards for Innovation in Database Marketing Related Software.

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