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My customers don’t ask for Wi-Fi access very often - do I still need Entr?

Yes, Entr isn’t about providing customers with Wi-Fi specifically. Entr is a demand generation platform with one simple function, to make your venue(s) busier. The platform works best when customers are encouraged or incentivised to sign up to your marketing lists via your Wi-Fi service, powered by Entr. In return they are able to access the Internet in any of your venues with no future logins or registrations required.

I already offer my customers Wi-Fi Internet access

Good - now let’s monetise it. The chances are that your current Wi-Fi doesn’t capture meaningful insights or generate measureable income. After one simple log in to your Wi-Fi, Entr tells you who your customers are, how often they visit, and how long they stay. For the data-driven organisation, these insights allow for a truly personalised marketing experience.

Do I need to buy specific hardware to enable Entr to work at my locations?

It depends. Entr integrates directly with Cisco CMX and Cisco Meraki hardware. If you already use these products then there is no action required. For smaller venues, we can provide hardware or recommend trusted partners to supply and fit enterprise-grade equipment.

I don’t feel comfortable asking my customers for their marketing details…

Your customers have choices on where to go to enjoy similar services to the one(s) that you offer. Contacting your customers and giving them a reason to remember you is a proven and successful marketing tactic for generating repeat visits.

Can Entr work with my app?

Not directly. Entr isn’t able to gather enough information via an app to enable it to work successfully. However, you could use the information your Entr system provides to populate your app - for example as a loyalty tool.

Can my customers register for my Entr service when they are not in one of my locations?

No. Your user needs to be on-location to be able to access the service.

I don’t have customer facing Internet access - is this an issue?

No. We can introduce trusted partners who can supply and install Entr compatible equipment.

What information does Entr collect about my customers?

As much, or as little as you ask. Additionally we collect the MAC address of the device that successfully registers to access the service. We never collect any information from any devices that have not previously connected to your Entr service.

Can I see when my customers are in other places?

Yes, as long as you own or operate those venues and those venues also use Entr.

Can I send my customers marketing messages in real time when they are in my venues?

Yes, if you want to. The possibilities for time based messaging triggers are extensive.

Is my customer data made available to other Entr users?

No. We absolutely will not share any of your data with anybody else.

What happens when my customer changes their phone, or has two devices, say a mobile phone and a tablet?

Entr won’t recognise the new device, so the user will have to go through the sign up process again. Entr will then add this device to the user’s profile and so the visit history is retained for that user. A user can have any number of devices associated with their profile at any time.

Can the splash page and user journey be specific to each of my venues?

Yes. We can create a custom user journey according to your requirements.

Can Entr show my users specific content once they start to browse the Internet?

Yes. If you’d like to show your users specific content or an offer, then this can be set up easily.

Can Entr block specific content or only allow access to certain sites?

No. Entr doesn’t record any information about a user’s Internet usage. If you are looking for content filtering we can recommend complimentary providers.

Can Entr be integrated with my other back office systems?

Yes. Entr has a JSON feed which can be offered out to your integration projects.

Does Entr work internationally?

Yes. Entr works anywhere there is Internet.

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