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What does mDoc stand for?

mDoc stands for Mobile Device Optimised Content and is the process of sending device-perfect image and video content directly to the SMS inbox

Is mDoc different to MMS?

Yes, mDoc is different to MMS. There are key differentials between mDoc and MMS:

  • Cost: mDoc works on an SMS mechanism meaning the price point is similar to that of a standard SMS message.
  • MMS by comparison is extremely expensive (can be as much as 4 times more per message).
  • Deliverability: Unlike MMS, mDoc has exceptionally good delivery rates.
  • Reliability: Unlike MMS, mDoc is robust and reliable, ensuring marketing communications are optimised for each device and delivered within defined broadcast and delivery timeframes.
  • Aesthetics: mDoc’s striking visual designs look significantly better than MMS.
  • Conversion Rates: mDoc conversion rates are significantly better than MMS.

How much does it cost?

The pricing structure for mDoc is based on the number of messages sent and varies between campaigns. To find out more about our pricing, please visit our pricing page.

I am currently using SMS, and it is delivering some strong results for me, so why would I need to use mDoc?

mDoc is delivering results that are 127% stronger when compared with standard SMS in like for like tests. mDoc consistently outperforms SMS and is especially effective when promoting products and services that are visually striking. A picture speaks a thousand words, and the beauty of mDoc is that the visual content is delivered directly into the SMS inbox without the recipient having to click on a link.

What happens if an mDoc message can’t be delivered?

At Digitonic, our ethos is 'no phone left behind’, and should for any reason an mDoc message not deliver, a fallback communication is automatically triggered and delivered to the handset in a Rich Media Text format.

Do I need to provide the design?

No, clients only need to supply creative assets and brand guidelines. Our in-house design team design the mDoc to your brief using their extensive mobile design experience and mDoc design best practice.

What steps do you take to ensure strong delivery rates for an mDoc campaign?

We use our award-winning mobile validation tool AMVS prior to every mDoc send to help achieve delivery rates of up to 98%. AMVS connects to a phone’s home network to identify if a number is currently live, not active or roaming.

The mDoc platform is able to detect the model of every device, to ensure we always send the optimised version of the creative to each phone.

Do I need to supply data?

On retention CRM campaigns data would be supplied to us. This is done once NDAs are in place via our secure data transfer portal, to ensure data protection compliance. For all other types of mobile marketing campaigns, please speak to Digitonic directly to discuss the supply of data.

Can someone opt-out from the campaign?

Yes, all recipients have the option to opt-out from the future marketing communication at any point by texting the stop code to the number provided in the copy of every message.

Does mDoc work abroad?

mDoc can successfully deliver messages to United Kingdom mobile numbers. Our technology team are currently testing mDoc within other territories. Should you need to deliver messages immediately to international mobile numbers we offer a global solution with our Rich Media Text channel.

How much copy can I include in an mDoc?

An mDoc allows for 1,000 characters as well as a subject header, giving you the opportunity to send a message up to 6 times longer than SMS at a similar cost. For optimum conversion results we can advise on copy to ensure campaigns generate the best possible response.

How do I know if my campaign has been successful?

Our campaigns are loaded with event tracking, giving us a detailed understanding of which customers have interacted with content along with associated drop off points. We analyse all elements of the campaign giving our customers a full understanding of campaign performance and ROI.

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