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Digitonic have had a long-term partnership with successfully collaborating and working together to create solutions for a variety of clients.

The Challenge

A client of was looking to command attention within the gold investment sector. The challenge was to drive and enhance awareness for a particular gold company across both the American and Canadian markets

The Solution

Digitonic identified that in order to successfully drive awareness, the solution would be high quality, profiled traffic, driving to the client’s bespoke landing page. The client’s landing page provided further information on the company, helping to educate the audience and drive consideration.

To deliver additional impact, the landing page was integrated with our unique AdNews technology. This means that a high-impact AdNews banner was served to the user when they arrived on the landing page. Displaying a clear call-to-action it enticed users to click through to the clients end destination.

In addition to the AdNews banner, the article included various hyperlinks throughout, which also directed to the clients end destination, providing a seamless user experience and journey.


Raise brand awareness of the gold company and educate the audience

Drive high quality traffic to the landing page at scale

Reach new audiences via prospecting and lookalike targeting strategies

Reconnect with previous engagers through retargeting


Landing page impressions

Overall cost-per-click

AdNews banner click-through-rate

Average landing page dwell times

Prospecting display banner click-through-rate

Retargeting display banner click-through-rate

Lookalikes display banner click-through-rate

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