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Audi Platinum Event

Case Study

mDoc is the latest in mobile technology, delivering images, audio and video content directly into SMS inbox of consumers.


In February 2017, Audi held a weekend Platinum Event at their Scottish dealerships. Digitonic’s mDoc technology was utilised as part of an integrated campaign. mDoc was used as a final communication to customers that had not responded to other marketing channels.

The Challenge

Audi sought an innovative way to increase attendance to their dealership Platinum Event

Digitonic targeted customers that had not responded to other marketing channels with an mDoc user journey to raise awareness of the event and increase appointments


Increase attendance at the Audi Platinum Event

Raise awareness of the Platinum Event to customers of the Scottish dealerships

Increase the number of appointments booked in each dealership

Increase sales of the Audi range in each dealership

The Solution

Develop a personalised mDoc campaign showing an enticing, short video of the Audi Q2 crossing a city bridge, followed by the event invite. mDoc delivers creative directly into the SMS inbox of potential attendees, as well as copy about the event and a link to the dealership contact details.

The mDoc technology ensures each user receives optimised content for their device. If the mDoc hasn’t been received a fallback message is sent, redirecting the user to the Renault commercial and the registration page.

Profiled, fully opted-in data was used to only target users who live within a 75 mile radiance of each event, ensuing high attendance at each event.

Fully tracked campaign to measure effectiveness and ROI.

Retargeting element with personalised reminder messages closer to the event data to ensure high attendance on the day.


9% of customers who received the message clicked on the CTA

3% of customers that clicked on the CTA purchased an Audi at the event

94% of appointments resulted in an Audi sale at the event

Cost Per Audi Sale at the event of £49.79

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